Getting Old?

Adjusting Your Golf Game as You Age

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Golf is an amazing game that combines intense competition, refining of your skills, and athletics, with a calm pace that helps you enjoy the time on the course with friends and business partners. However, it can be frustrating when you are playing a round and you start to realize that your game is off, but you can’t pinpoint exactly why. It can be even more infuriating if your game starts to decline as you get older because golf is supposed to be a game that you get better at over time right???? Well, we are going to give you some helpful insights for adjusting your game as you age, and give some examples from the world of professional golf as well.

  1. Adjust your strategy
    Tiger Woods took the golf world by storm as a young man who could not seem to lose. Woods was dominating the competition very early on in his career and seemed poised to do so for the next thirty years or more. However, as Tiger has gotten older, and seen some injuries, he has started to slip and has never really regained his original form.
    One of Woods’ biggest issues is that his game was predicated on an ability to drive the ball further than anyone else. Tiger could shave a stroke or two off of Par 5 holes by driving past certain, difficult parts of the course, that no one else could navigate so quickly. However, as he has gotten older and has less strength due to age an injury, his drive does not carry quite as far. While he is still a phenomenal driver, he does not have that added advantage that he did from all of his strength training that he did as a young man.
    What Tiger is going to have to do to get back to the top of the game, is adjust. Tiger is going to have to find a strategy that is based on some of his other skills more and on his driving less. This is true for every golfer. Sure, you were never counting on your insane driving skills, but maybe you did have an advantage in strength, or vision, that you no longer have. It is important to adjust your strategy to utilize your skill level where you are, not where you were a few years ago.
  2. Take Your Strengths to the Next Level
    As you get older, you need to figure out exactly what your strengths are and play to them, hard. Make sure that your biggest asset, whether it is putting, or chipping, is so refined that it sets you apart from the pack. Be the best, at whatever your best skill happens to be.
  3. Relax and Enjoy the Game
    One of the biggest keys to being a great golfer is to be calm and locked into your game. Enjoying your golf game is a big key to playing your best, even as you get older.

So, get out there and have your best round today!


Let’s Get Started

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Golf is hard. We know, this is no revelation, however it births repeating. Golf is hard as well as to get much better you not only should practice, but recognize the best ways to practice appropriately.
Visiting the range and bashing a container of spheres with your favorite driver may aid in the release of some heavy steam, yet it’s not necessarily the most effective “practice” for your long game.
Rather, try choosing targets, using various clubs, forming shots and also selecting a club or 2 that caused you problems throughout your last round. This sort of technique will do a whole lot a lot more for your golf game.
If you actually wish to improve your game, attempt exercising like the pros.
Now, not everybody is a “array rat.” Rickie Fowler chooses to do his practicing on the golf course as opposed to the range. As well as during weeks off, he mixes practice with a little fun by playing 18 or 36 with some buddies.

The average professional invests close to 3 hrs a day working on his swing planning for a competition, and regarding the exact same amount of time on his brief game. For those of us that don’t have 6 or so hrs a day to golf we have to obtain the most out of the time we do have.
Attempt positioning a club on the ground and use the shaft to check that your stance line is square to your target line. Exercise hitting chance ats a target, like you are hitting an actual shot on the training course, as well as check your stance periodically making certain you remain in placement.
If you’re like us and also you bother with hitting spheres directly on the array, take a thin stake, like a positioning pole, and location it right into the ground regarding 10 lawns before you, creating a straight aesthetic line. Technique swing control by hitting the ball to the right of the pole then to the left of it.
When you exercise place, emphasis not simply on the goal however additionally on grasping the appropriate distance. Putt 3 balls to each distance pen.
Another good placing drill making certain you follow the putter face through the impact zone squarely is one Stewart Cink dealt with sports psychologist Morris Pickens. It’s called 2-Ball.
Place 2 rounds side-by-side yet not touching. Line up as you would certainly for any type of putt and also put a good putting stroke on both balls, striking them both concurrently. You will get excellent comments from watching just how the two rounds remove. If they have the same rate you will understand you are doing a good work returning the putter face to the address factor.
This method may not make you ideal, however it will certainly improve your game, specifically if you can practice like the pros.


Vegas Golf At Its Finest!

West Side Golf


When people think of Arizona, they often think of a bunch of retired people golfing and driving around in golf carts. Well, you would be surprised that Las Vegas is pretty much a mirror image of that in many parts of the valley. In Sun City especially, you may wonder if you are even in Nevada or if you’re in Arizona lol. All kidding aside, Las Vegas has some of the nicest golf courses in the southwest.

One of the things about golfing in the desert is that it is still plenty warm to golf after the sun goes down. There are several courses in Las Vegas that offer night golfing under the lights. Angel Park in Summerlin offers night golfing. You can take advantage of 2 Arnold Palmer designed courses at Angel Park. They also offer:

  • A practice facility (available at night as well)
  • Natural grass nine-hole putting course (also lighted for nighttime play and is complete with doglegs, bunkering and water)
  • For refreshments they offer a full restaurant and bar
  • Carts and Caddy’s available

If you are going to golf in Las Vegas during the hot months there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you’re not used to the desert heat. First make sure you hydrate your vehicle before heading to the course. If you don’t you may be calling our good friends at Las Vegas Towing Service to rescue you. Second and most important is to know the symptoms of heat stroke or heat exhaustion: Continue reading Vegas Golf At Its Finest!


Great Food And Company


When you think about golfing in Las Vegas, one of the things you may not think about is some of great restaurants that golf courses have on their properties. One place in particular that I recently tried out was the restaurant at Angel Park golf course called Nino’s Kitchen.

We went for breakfast and it was so beautiful and serene. The dining patio is right on the golf course and you can hear the babbling water feature and the smells of the roses and other flowers was breathtaking.

The Bloody Mary’s were fabulous and only $5, the food was very tasty and extremely reasonably priced. I would for sure go back again, only next time maybe a round of golf to start with! Continue reading Angels